ONYX Media Can Help You With Your Social Status

“Best $97 I’ve spent. This gave me peace of mind and I was able to focus on my personal training. I didnt have to worry about how I looked on social media or if my business was social enough”

Randall Birch

Birch Fitness

“We’ve hired a few people to manage our social media and there was never any consistency. Onyx helped strategize how we waant to be seen as a company through our social media.  We also wanted to engage our fans and Onyx has done a great job with this. And the best part is I get a nifty report.”

Lisa Chapman

“I thought our business was boring and we didnt have content that was social media worthy. Onyx helped us figure out what our potential clients and fans want to know about us. And also how to genuinely help our fans with valuable information. ”

Gavin Wilson

Stasis Engineering

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